Bankruptcy, Theft & Fear

Why does the U.S. ruling elite en masse accept passively the Rothschild kleptastrophe? The answer is simple. Our ruling elite are no longer domestic factory owners, they no longer control productive capacity in the US. There are no domestic capitalists left in the USA. They have exchanged ownership in real wealth for speculative international portfolios at the mercy of the Money Power. They sold out to the Rothshild-Rockefeller-Zhou credit monopoly and are fully invested in China ventures. They have tied their fortunes to the destruction of the United States economy and people. They go along because they have nowhere else to go, they have no feet of their own to stand on.

The domestic economy has been completely destroyed and bankrupted and the headlines of every paper write about fear that "a recession may be threatening" -- and no one comments on how useless, fruitless and juiceless is the economists abstruse techinical definition of "recession" (growth of GDP measures nothing of importance to Americans, it is a useless statistic that conceals that is no measure at all of what is happening to our standard of living, our lives, our ruin. I am reminded of the apocryphal Seventh Day Adventist who when told about 9-11 being a false-flag frame up and the economic kleptastrophe being premeditated conquest of the US by the Rothshilds, Rockefellers and other international crime families summed up the situation giving what to him was its full import: "It's worst than I feared; this means that a Sunday Law may be around the corner." Thus, for some people, nothing can really be bad unless a recession is officially declared or unless those blue laws get passed. "Not a recession," is the pillow that is being forced over your face to keep you from crying out as you are suffocated by Drs. Bernanke and Paulson.
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