Israel and Gaza: Now the ground war

Fighting continues within the Gaza Strip, as Israeli soldiers push into the territory

ISRAELI forces pushed deeper into the Gaza Strip on Monday January 5th, the second full day of their ground assault. Israeli troops have encircled Gaza City and are gingerly moving against Hamas fighters who are entrenched in built-up areas. For Israel so far the price has been relatively low—one soldier has been killed and over 50 injured. Israel claims that dozens of Hamas men have died in firefights while others have been captured and taken to Israel for interrogation.

On the other side the death toll is far higher. Palestinian and UN sources count more than 530 Palestinian dead since the Israeli aerial bombardment began ten days ago. Civilians make up at least a quarter of the dead. These casualties include the wives and children of two senior Hamas commanders targeted by Israeli airstrikes at the weekend and a family of seven killed, according to Palestinian reports, by an Israeli naval shell on Monday. ...


[Source: The Economist: News analysis

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