More on the Rand Paul & the Senate Race in Kentucky

It"s now hard to see how Bunning can win or gracefully step aside. If Rand Paul, a Bowling Green eye doctor and the son of Republican Ron Paul who mounted an unsuccessful challenge in last year"s Republican presidential primary, gets in the race, he could raise a lot of money and make it very difficult for whomever the party wants to replace Bunning, including Secretary of State Trey Grayson, who seems to be the favored alternative.

Republicans are in a bind. [Republican Senator Mitch] McConnell doesn"t want to lose another Senate seat to Democrats, especially one in his own state. Republicans, weighed down by an exceptionally unpopular president, have suffered through two disastrous election cycles. McConnell was his party"s Senate leader for only one of those. But his position as Republican Leader might be at risk if his party loses more seats in 2010 and he can"t keep one of Kentucky"s in the Republican column.

This is a big opportunity for Rand, and for the ongoing Revolution!

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